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NEW YEAR, NEW CARPET! We from Hearth and Home Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning want to wish you a Happy New Year! With the beginning of the New Years what better way to start it off than fresh and spotless with Hearth and Home Chem-Dry. Here are several reasons why you might want to renew your carpet this month and why we would definitely be the best Carpet Cleaners for your need. We are grateful for your great and never ending bussiness and hope the best for your New Year!
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February 6, 2015

What kinds of bacteria have been brought into your house?

We hope you have not had any critters coming in through your pet's entry, but it's improbable to keep a record of exactly what has come in contact with your household. It is critical to sanitize your upholstery and carpets frequently. It's particularly advocated to sanitize property with little ones and domestic pets. We don’t suppose you should want your young child, who likes to crawl on carpets and upholstery, to be rolling around in bacteria and dangerous allergens.

Sanitization is an essential factor to help reduce allergens and bacteria, making your house the very best it could be for you and your loved ones. The materials of upholstery and carpets will quickly gather and lock in various allergens and germs. These particles can spread sickness and upset allergies or asthma. The normal irritants that are generated by dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and pests will be cut down tremendously by using the sanitizing option that we proudly offer to our customers.

With our deodorizer, we will be equipped to help our customers that are conscious of an odor on their carpets or upholstery. Our technicians are educated in a protectant to defend against upcoming spills and stains. We have a terrific product to reduce pet urine and pet odors. With so many regions of specialty training, we'd like our customers to discover their house is in great hands.

Call Chem-Dry to explore making the home the healthiest it can be!


Clean for the Holidays

October 13th 2014

Chem-Dry's innovative solutions offer an unparalleled cleaning experience. We offer fast and effiecient cleaning solutions that will not inconvenience your daily life. The Chem-Dry solution rips the dirt from your carpet and dries in hours. Chem-Dry has set the bar for the carpet cleaning industry. We have created a unique process using millions of carbonating bubbles to bring your carpets back to life.

If you have ever poured a carbonated soda into a glass you have experienced the foundation of what Chem-Dry is. The carbonation in the soda naturally wants to rise to the top, when applied to your carpets the bubbles grab dirt and bring it to the surface to be taken away. Our incredible solutions remove all unwanted particles from your carpet completely, providing you with the most thorough – and the most satisfying clean – available anywhere.

Instead of using a specialized solution and technique, steam cleaners use immense amounts of water and high pressure as the key to their cleaning process. This method drives dirt and moisture down into your carpet, hiding the mess rather than cleaning it, and creates a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Because of the excessive water used in this process, your carpets also typically take 1-2 days to dry. Since Chem-Dry uses the least amount of water possible, however, your carpets will be dry within just 1-2 hours. That means in the time it takes for your carpets to dry once after a steam cleaning, they would have dried 24 times if cleaned the Chem-Dry way. That’s effective cleaning provided by Chem-Dry.

We are proud to offer you these amazing services at a price that will fit with your budget. To get the best carpet cleaning available, call us today!



Back to School

August 19th 2014

With summer coming to a close you've probably noticed the dirt, mud, and allergens that have been tracked in and left in its wake. But with school starting up again in the fall, all those messes will be minimized. With your house in chaos from months of summer fun, let us help restore it back to order with superior carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Hearth & Home Chem-Dry in San Diego provides a deeper clean and dry times in just one to two hours due to our unique process. The Chem-Dry process uses a carbonated water solution to get deep into the carpet fibers and bring the dirt molecules to the surface. We then extract the dirt, getting rid of the mess completely rather than hiding it. Since the carbonation bubbles are so effective at getting the dirt up, we are able to use 80% less water than most cleaners, giving you much quicker dry times! Put us to the test for all your cleaning needs.


Summer Time Sadness

July 24th 2014

Even though summer is supposed to be relaxing, for people who have allergies, it can take a daily turn for the worse. To keep your home allergy-free during pollen season, it’s important to routinely and thoroughly clean your carpets and furniture. When you’re most in need, rely on the Chem-Dry method to clean your home and clear out those irritating allergens.

Carpets absorb and collect common allergens, dust and germs that can spread illness, cause allergies and make asthma symptoms worse for you and your family. Chem-Dry professionals use a unique carbonated solution to remove these substances from individual carpet fibers, lifting them to the surface, rather than simply hiding the mess with buckets of water, as steam cleaning methods do. Though we can’t stop the allergens outside your home, try us to relieve your symptoms within your home!